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2.47sHow long have we had these fish?
5sWait. The bear-- Burns's bear.
3.6s"Bobo." It's Mr. Burns's bear all right.
2.9sWell, Burns isn't getting this back cheap. I can tell you that.
5.14sHe's gonna have to give me... my own recording studio.
2.03sTwo all-beef patties special sauce lettuce, cheese
2.27sPickles, onions on a sesame-seed bun
2.7sHomer, you're drooling on the mike again.
4.54sI think we should just give him the bear that he cherishes so much.
2.85sHmm. Better sew that eye back on.
2.75sNo! Let's send Burns the eye in the mail.
4.17sHe'll pay more money if he thinks the bear's in danger. Yes, we'll send the eye.
4.97sI'm sure he'll offer us a fair reward, and then we'll make him double it.