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2.07sAh! Oh, it's you.
3.94sThe bedpan's under my pillow. Who's... Bobo, sir?
4.35sBobo? I, uh, meant Lobo.
2.99sUh, Sheriff Lobo. They never should have canceled that show.
3.35sI see. On another topic, the preparations for your birthday have begun.
0.65sI won't get what I really want.
3.69sNo one doeS.
7.21sHappy birthday Mr. Smithers Mmm.
4.97sLobo. Lobo. Bring back Sheriff Lobo!
2.59sLobo! Lobo!
1.68sWhat, Homie?
2.52sOh, no! Burns's birthday!
2.82sWhat's wrong? Every time Mr. Burns has a birthday,
2.77sall his employees have to help out at the party,
2.65sand I always get some terrible job.
1.97sWhere is that dreaded pi√Ďata?
4.65sOw! Ow! Ow! Missed me. Heh-heh! Ow!