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2.03s- give me that! - Ohh!
3.99sTwo plus two is four. Two plus two is four.
3.07sTwo plus two is four.
2.93sI can see why this is so popular. Look at him.
2.72s- Two plus two is four. - Two--
2.92sGive me my bear, Simpson!
4.64sIt's The Sou-ou-oul Mass Transit System.
2.2sGive it to me.
3.52sEl yoyÓ es grande.
1.97s¡Ay, chihuahua!
3.2sAs you can see, Simpson, I have taken over all 78 channels,
3.59sand you won't see any of your favorite shows again until you give in!
0.44sWhoa! That bites.
2.15sHoly crap!
2.87sWhat's that you say? You can live without television...