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3.17sI don't hate you. I'm proud of you.
3.17sYou came through for your daughter when she needed you the most.
5.84sOh, thanks, Marge. But it'll take a lot more than that to comfort this tortured soul.
3.04sHey, boxy.
2.03s- give me that! - Ohh!
3.99sTwo plus two is four. Two plus two is four.
3.07sTwo plus two is four.
2.93sI can see why this is so popular. Look at him.
2.72s- Two plus two is four. - Two--
2.92sGive me my bear, Simpson!
4.64sIt's The Sou-ou-oul Mass Transit System.
2.2sGive it to me.
3.52sEl yoyÓ es grande.