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1.33sThat would be like Total with raisins in it.
1.27sThat's just splitting hairs here.
2.44sIt's not really doing it for me.
2.27sWhat time did you say your flight was?
3.14sOh, no locks. Thank you, Homeland Security.
2.67sHey, bud, take a break. I'll take over. Go smoke a fatty.
2.03sMAN ON RADIO: This is Sierra Tango 817,
1.3sMatthew McConaughey's private jet,
1.3srequesting permission to land.
1.23sMatthew McConaughey?
1.87sOh, sorry, Sierra Tango 817.
1.7sAll our runways are filled.
2.27sBut it looks empty from up here. We're almost out of fuel.
1.23sNo, no. No room at all.
3.2sBut, lucky for you, there's a big, new airport out in the middle of the ocean.
1.07sKeep going. You can't miss it.
1.2sRoger that.
3.14s(BEEPING) Oops. Well, look at it this way.
2.57sI just got you on next year's Oscar telecast.
2.44sYou'll be right after Ron Howard!
1.3sJust messing with you, Ron.
1.63sOr maybe not!
1.17sNo, seriously, I am.
1sOr am I?
1.23sOh, there's Jasper's plane.
1.53sWhere? Third one in line.
2.5sOh, it's one of them new niche airlines.