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1.84sHow can I help you, Mrs. Griffin?
2.2sWell, I'm having a bit of a crisis.
1.77sI'm a very open-minded person,
2.6sand I've never had any problem with gays before,
3.7sbut something about two gay people getting married,
1.57sI just don't think it's right.
3.27sWell, these questions are too big to be decided by human beings.
2.43sWhich is why God made this film.
3.14sYou know, there's been a lot of talk lately about homosexuals,
1.97sbut how do you know what to believe?
4.54sWell, here are a few tips that may help you tell when you've got a gay.
2.3sSo, uh, what's your favorite Madonna album?
1.5sI like her early work.
2.87sMAN: If his answer is anything but "I've never bought one,"