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3.6sOh, this is one fine day to be nude
3.07sYeah, this is one fine day to be nude
3.3sThe birds are singing, "Clinton, have a wonderful spring"
7.34sAnd people walking by Can stop and look at my thing Oh, this is one fine day Liberal chubby chaser!
3.07s(LAUGHING) Well, if you can't laugh at yourself...
2.44sI'm here at the parking lot outside city hall,
5.21swhere hundreds of citizens have come out in protest of the Mayor's decision to spend the town's treasury on a gold frog.
1.47sI don't like it.
3.34sAnd I don't like the contraction apostrophe-E-M.
3.54sAs far as I'm concerned, his name is Dig Them.