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1.53sOh, why did you stop?
1.27sHey, Jasper, let me ask you something.
1.9sWhen you're in the shower at the "Y,"
2.44sis-is that just like Supermarket Sweep for you guys,
1.27sor is there some kind of etiquette?
1.53sPeter, stop it.
2.03sGod! You're more clueless than Popeye.
2.74sSir, I think you should know these growths on your forearms,
1.3sthey're giant tumors.
2.17s(TALKING GIBBERISH) Oh, dear.
3.87sYeah, I'm surprised you haven't realized this is not how a human being is supposed to look.
5.17s(TALKING GIBBERISH) And the speech thing, and what you're doing with your eye...
2.5sUh, you had a stroke about seven years ago.
4.57sThat you've managed to be walking around all this time is nothing short of a miracle.
1.67sI'd say about two months.