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2.9sLois, darling, those earrings are delicious. Total kitsch.
1.67sLike an Andy Warhol wet dream.
2.9sI'm opening a museum and putting you in it, they're that fabulous.
2.03sYou think it's clever talking like that, do you?
1.13sYou think it's funny?
4.4sTalking about earrings, and using words like "fabulous" and "delicious" and "wet."
4.07sWhat's next? A workout followed by a romp around a crowded room while the music goes...
1.53sOh, why did you stop?
1.27sHey, Jasper, let me ask you something.
1.9sWhen you're in the shower at the "Y,"
2.44sis-is that just like Supermarket Sweep for you guys,
1.27sor is there some kind of etiquette?
1.53sPeter, stop it.
2.03sGod! You're more clueless than Popeye.
2.74sSir, I think you should know these growths on your forearms,