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1.3sYou're sure this is okay?
1.54sYeah, you're just cutting into the fat.
3sAll right, Brian, Peter's coming in.
3.64sI'll relax him by using my catchphrase.
2.5s(MIMICKING ITALIAN ACCENT) Hey, what's up with you?
1.8sWhat the hell was that? My catchphrase.
1.3sYou don't have a catchphrase.
2.4s(MIMICKING ITALIAN ACCENT) Why you gotta say like that?
3.1s(AUDIENCE LAUGHING ) Excuse me.
1.97sWould anyone like to play Stratego?
1.47sI have Stratego.
1.67sOh, Peter, I never meant for this to happen.
3.6sThis--This whole situation has totally spiraled out of control.
2.9sBrian, listen to me. I was wrong.
3.9sIf 2 people love each other, they should have the right to get married.
2.5sBut you have to come down and give yourself up.
1.63sIf you drag this out any longer,