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2.37sIt's so nice to have you home, dear.
1.33sI can take it or leave it.
2.27sGod, this is such an old-people house, you know.
1.03sI mean, look at this candy jar.
1.57sLet's--Let's, uh, take a look in here.
1.93sLet's--Let's see what you got here. You got...
2.6sYou got licorice. Oh, that's, uh, that's...
1.67sOh, Freedent. Oh, that's good.
1.97sYeah--Yeah, I got a-- I got a sweet tooth,
2.13sI think I'll have some Freedent.
1.63sWhat's this? A cough drop.
1.74sA Luden's cough drop.
3.4sIs that candy? No, I don't think that's candy. I think it's a cough drop!
2.2sWhat else we got? Look. Look at this.
1.83sThere's a fishing lure in here.
2.8sThere's a fishing lure in the candy jar.
3.04s(STAMMERING) What? Am I supposed to eat this?
3.07sEat a fishing lure? Hey, look, Brian's on TV.