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1.48sYou owe us a body!
1.94sUh, Excuse me for a minute.
3.72sYou pretended Chris was dying to save a T.V. show?
1.8sYou're a monster!
0.97sThank you.
2.13sPeter, You tell that man the truth!
1.6sUh, Just out of curiosity...
1.25sWhat happens if he's not really dying?
2.59sYou go to jail for defrauding a charitable organization.
2.54sOh. That's interesting.
1.43sWill you excuse us?
2.89sYou're right! There's only one way out of this!
1.17sChris is all better!
0.83sI cured him!
1.3sYou cured him?
2.85sThat's right. I have divine powers!
2.24sOk. Safe drive.
1.73sWell, What do you have to say to that?
1.03sI'm not going to jail,
1.43sChris doesn't have to die,