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2.77sThere's a smile on your face and a bounce in your step
2.03sas they dig your grave
2sas they dig your grave
1.13sDo I hear singing?
1.2sNo! No singing.
3.23sJust us watching another hilarious episode of Good Times.
3.2sYou know, The sitcom that's funnier when you play it really loud.
3.79sMaxine is the lady Who's feeling all right.
3.57sthanks to the magic of Kid Dynomite!
1.48sJunior, where you been?
1.53sDinner was 3 hours ago!
1.93sOh, forget him, James.
1.4sHe's an idiot!
2.32sMama, What's wrong with you?
1.82sWhat's wrong with me?
2.64sMy name is Florida!
2.35sThat's the name of a state!
2.94sWhy is my name Florida?