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1.2sYes, look at me!
2.03sI'm a dirty, foul little boy!
2.27sI'm a nasty, squalid little hobo!
3.19sI say, Mother, you have your work cut out for you now. don't you?
1.75sOk, if you want to be dirty,
1.42sbe dirty.
1.45sWhere do you think you're going?
1.23sI've defiled myself.
1.3sI need to be cleaned!
2.17sThere you go, kiddo. All clean.
2.47sBlast! I'm frozen! I'm hypothermic!
2.07sBloody hell, I'm a woman!
1.92sTake out your pencils and start your test.
1.02sUm, Mr. McCloud,
1.5sI didn't study for this test,
1.7sbut I got a good reason.
1.5sI'm dying.
4.87sgriffin, That's the lamest excuse I've heard since Steinberg Came up with that Jewish High Holiday crap.
2.4sSteinberg! Take that hat off in my classroom!
2.62sBut Mr. McCloud, I'm really dying.
2.32sI have a certificate to prove it.