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3.4sI'm telling you, Chris is dying 10 times worse than those other kids.
1.77sHe's got a very rare disease called,
3.05suh, uh, tumor-syphilis-itis-osis.
2.24sHmm. Sounds sexy.
1.38sWhat are the symptoms?
1.85sWhat are the symptoms? Take a look!
2.35sHe's growing nipples all over his body!
1.15sThey look like pepperonis.
1.03sWho do you think you are?
3.97sMy son happens to be very sensitive about his extra nipples.
2.7sSee, look. They're coming right off.
1.93sNipples shouldn't just come off like that.
3.47sWhy--Why, that's the sickest boy I've ever seen!
1.9sGet me the president of television!
1.77sOk, How about this?
3.24sA single white girl in the city working at a magazine!
1sYeah, that's good.
1.45sOoh, yeah, Yeah.
1.1sDo you guys hear yourselves?
2.72sThis is the same old crap over and over again.
2sWe need to take a chance. Try something different.
1.1sSomething fresh.