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1.65sAh, yes. Here we go.
2sChris Griffin. Hmm.
1.97sYour dying wish is denied.
1.3sThank you.
2.52sWait a minute. My son only has a short time to live.
2.85sAll he wants is his favorite show back on T.V. How can you say no?
4.2sMr. Griffin, everyone thinks their dying child is special.
5.32sBut these days, people who donate money to our foundation demand a little more bang for their buck.
2.55sWe need sick kids we can package.
2.65sLike that one we put on Hollywood Squares.
1.93sI'll take the dying boy to block.
3.45sOk, Jeremy, is there anything lower than absolute zero?
2.37sUh, Yeah. My white-cell count.
3.4sI'm telling you, Chris is dying 10 times worse than those other kids.
1.77sHe's got a very rare disease called,
3.05suh, uh, tumor-syphilis-itis-osis.
2.24sHmm. Sounds sexy.
1.38sWhat are the symptoms?
1.85sWhat are the symptoms? Take a look!
2.35sHe's growing nipples all over his body!