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1.73sJust watch me!
1.52sNo, I mean, you can't go in there,
1.37sbecause that door leads nowhere.
1.64sUse the door next to it.
4.07sAll right, Callaghan, me and my son want you to uncancel Gumbel 2 Gumbel.
1.38sWell Sir, We only air the show.
2.02sWe have nothing to do with it being canceled.
2.72sI have all the episodes on tape would you like to borrow 'em.
1.33sOk, you Bastard, you wanna play rough?
2.22sAll right, Until you bring the Gumbels back,
1.94sI am going on a hunger strike.
1.9seh? How about that, Callaghan?
2.59sCan you live with that on your conscience? Huh?
1.8sYou gonna eat that stapler?
1.7sYou can't eat a stapler--
1.27sWanna split it?
2.27sSorry, Chris. Me and my damn appetite!