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2.07sSheesh. What a week that was, eh?
2.12sOk, come on, let's watch the Gumbels.
1.4sPeter, I thought we agreed,
2.24sno T.V. until his homework is done.
1.15sMom, I'll do it after--
1.83sUm, uh, Chris finished his homework.
2.69sIn fact, I've been helping him study every night this week.
2.65sWell, that's great. Enjoy your show, boys.
1.2sYou bet we will.
3.67sTonight, Katie Couric guest stars as a very perky crack whore.
1.33sHey, Dad, when you said,
1.17s"Chris finished his homework,"
1.37swere you talking about me?
2.3sBecause if you were, I think you just lied to mom.
2.04sChris, everything I say is a lie,
1.97sexcept that and that.
1.44sand that, And that, And that,
1.57sAnd that, And that...
1.27sAnd that.
1.7sThis is an Action News 5 News Break.
0.93sI'm Tom Tucker.
1.54sAnd I'm Diane Simmons.
2.17sTom has dared me to do the news topless.
3sI've got the goods, but have I got the guts? Find out at 11:00.
2.77sif you're waiting for Gumbel 2 Gumbel, you're out of luck.
1.37sThat show has been canceled.
1.07sThe full story,
1.57sand maybe Diane's boobs, tonight at 11:00.
1sI can't believe this!
1.3sI feel sick.
1.4sOnly one thing to do, Chris.