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1.18sWhat the hell is Gatilsday?
2.87sOh, N.B.C. invented a new day so they could add another Dateline.
2.15sBut the Gumbel show is sacred to us.
4.44sBryant and Greg have the kind of father-son relationship I want me and Chris to have someday.
2.67sPeter, Bryant and Greg Gumbel are brothers.
1.27sOh, Nice. Just because they're black,
2.02swe can't learn anything from them?
2.1sIf Chris gets his homework done,
2.12syou can watch your show together next week.
2.6sNow come on. Help me get the house ready for my mother.
2.9sShe's coming to visit for exactly one week.
1.38sBye, Mom.
2.07sSheesh. What a week that was, eh?
2.12sOk, come on, let's watch the Gumbels.
1.4sPeter, I thought we agreed,
2.24sno T.V. until his homework is done.
1.15sMom, I'll do it after--
1.83sUm, uh, Chris finished his homework.
2.69sIn fact, I've been helping him study every night this week.
2.65sWell, that's great. Enjoy your show, boys.
1.2sYou bet we will.
3.67sTonight, Katie Couric guest stars as a very perky crack whore.
1.33sHey, Dad, when you said,