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2.02sI'm filthy? i'm flithy?
1.37sYou're the filthy one.
1.78sWhat do you say to that? Hmm?
2.29sAah! How dare you!
2.18sHey, Stewie, I see your bum.
1.65sOh, Take a good look, fat man.
4.39sAnd while you're at it, take pictures so I'll have something to bring to court, you retched, filthy pervert.
1.4sHey, Lois, give Chris a break.
1.12sI mean, no T.V.?
1.3sSo He failed a class,
3.97sit's not like he felt up his cousin in the garage that Thanksgiving when I was 19.
1.89sPeter, I want you to help Chris.
3.09sKids do better when parents take an interest in their schoolwork.
3.99sI saw that on a 2-part report on Dateline Tuesday and Dateline Gatilsday.
1.18sWhat the hell is Gatilsday?
2.87sOh, N.B.C. invented a new day so they could add another Dateline.
2.15sBut the Gumbel show is sacred to us.