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2.72sI don't mean that completely untrue gay rumor.
1.63sThey're just both really phony,
1.28sjust like me.
3.17sI'm sorry, ok? Now make it stop.
1.52sPeter, This is the final plague!
1.8sGood, 'cause this is starting to get really old.
2.65sThe final plague is the death of the first-born son.
1.18sOh, No! Stewie!
1.25sThe first-born son.
1.35sMeg. Your wife.
1.7sOh, my God. Are you ok?
3.65sHey, Dad, I can see a white light at the end of a long tunnel.
1.5sOh, that's great, son. Light is good.
1.38sRun towards the light.
0.78sNo, Chris! No!
1.3sRun away from the light!
4.55sHey, Dad, do you think they got Gumbel 2 Gumbel in heaven?
3.07sYes, son, and there's no reruns or commercials,
1.82sand Kirstie Alley is still hot,
3.35sand all those scrambled channels come in clear as a bell.
2.02sPlease don't take him, God. I'm sorry.
2.25sSir, We think the Griffin guy gets it.
0.83sGood, good.