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1.45sMeg, what's wrong?
1.98sI was giving Stewie a bath, and...
2.9sTrust me, Meg, at his age, it's strictly involuntary.
1.38sNo! The water,
2.08sit turned all red and goopy, like blood!
1.47sHow positively delightful.
2.97sIt's as if someone stabbed Mr. Bubble!
1.08sMy baby!
2.09sGet out there and tell those people the truth.
4.35sMake them stop worshipping you before it starts hailing in my house!
2.7sAw, There's gotta be an explanation for all this!
1.28sYou want an explanation?
2.5sGod is pissed!
1.5sAah! Let's get out of here!
1.25sstop it! Stop it!
1.53sStop worshipping me!
3.47sI'm just a big fake like the moon landing,
2.84sand Marky Mark's hog in Boogie Nights,
2.37sand Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman!
2.72sI don't mean that completely untrue gay rumor.
1.63sThey're just both really phony,
1.28sjust like me.
3.17sI'm sorry, ok? Now make it stop.