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1.1sOh, my God.
1.35sPeter, That's not funny.
3.7sThose fanatics are building a golden idol of you on our lawn.
2.79sWow, I look like a freakin' Emmy. Heh heh.
1.58sOh, Damn it to hell!
0.98sThis is embarrassing.
1.9sI seem to have fleas.
1.65sThat's never happened before.
1.65sJeez, Chris, puberty hit you like a ton of bricks.
1.73sWhat do you mean? Aah!
1.77sDon't you see what's happening?
1.57sOf course I do, Lois.
2.97sOur fresh-faced little boy is becoming a pock-marked,
1.97shideously disfigured man.
1.27sSunrise. Sunset.
1.92sNo, no, No, Peter.. The light bulbs last night,
1.1smy fleas, Chris' pimples.
2.28sThey're just like darkness, gadflies, and boils.
3.42s3 of the plagues God visited upon Egypt when the Pharaoh angered him in the Old Testament.
1.27sOh, Come on,
1.67sthere's a logical explanation for all those things.
1.87sThere was a power surge, you don't bathe,
2.8sand Chris has had acne problems since the 4th grade.
4.37sThe kids were all calling him Crisco and Pizza Face and Rootin'-Tootin' Raspberry.
1.33sRemember, Chris?