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2.27sA being who's all-knowing and all-powerful?
2.29sSomeone's got a pretty high opinion of herself.
1.32sNot me, Peter.
1.9sGod. The real God.
1.3sWhat's the big deal?
1.13sSo I told a little fib,
1.67sand now people think I'm God.
3.44sWhen did God ever say He didn't want someone else being worshipped like Him?
1.78sIt's one of the Ten Commandments.
1.62sOh, Come on, Lois. Those were written,
2.57slike, 200 years ago. Times have changed!
2.33sOk, let's stay calm.
1.3sAw Lois, if you're scared,
2.2sI'll hold you close until the lights are on again.
1sDad, it's me.
1.2sGo to your room.
1.95sWell, That's the last of them.
4.37sI still don't understand how every light bulb in the house could go out at the same time.
1.1sOh, my God.
1.35sPeter, That's not funny.
3.7sThose fanatics are building a golden idol of you on our lawn.
2.79sWow, I look like a freakin' Emmy. Heh heh.