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2.52swhen the cafeteria would serve fish sticks--
2.17sFish sticks ? What are you talking about ?
3.79sThey cut the head off the fish, chop up the rest into sticks, then put seasoned bread crumbs--
3.24sI know what fish sticks are ! Get to the point !
4.64sWell, you only get this tiny cup of tartar sauce to dip in 'em, and I always run out.
2.9sWill you stop wasting our time, Simpson. Shut up, Smithers.
3.5sCan't you see what he's saying ? A happy worker is a busy worker.
3.47sThree cents worth of tartar sauce could save us thousands of man-hours in labor.
2.37sI like the cut of your jib, Simpson.
4sLet the fools have their tartar sauce.
3.19sEnjoy your tartar sauce, boys. Enjoy !
3.49sGive me your plates ! Don't crowd ! Plenty for everybody !
2sHmm. Brilliant.