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2.47sYou got that big speech in five minutes, Simpson.
2.8sYou're not gonna hang yourself, are ya ?
3sDoh-- Huh ?
1.77sDear Mr. Simpson,
4.24sI've taken the liberty of preparing your speech on the enclosed 3-by-5 cards.
3.87sAll the big words are spelled phonetically. "Fo-a-ne-netically."
1.87sGod bless you.
3.84sYou are one of Springfield's very special creatures.
2.97sYour obedient servant, Carl.
2.3s- Good luck, sir. - Aah ! Carl.
2.57sSo that wasn't just a sweet voice I heard inside my head.
1.44sWhat are you doing here ?
2.3sI just came by to say good-bye to the gals in the typing pool.
2.77sYeah, well, thanks for the speech, Carl, but I can't give it.
1.5sLook at me !
0.41sI guess I haven't taught you anything.
2.6sWhat do you mean ?
1.6sDon't you see ?
2.77sThe tartar sauce. The bathroom key. Drying your boss's hands.