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4.84sNothing you can say will diminish this honor.
2.35sNow that I'm the town's oldest man,
3.34sI'm starting to realize I'm not a young man anymore.
2.47sI have to start taking better care of myself.
2.27sYou know, I haven't had a "medicino" checkup in ages.
2.3sSir, you deserve the finest doctors in the world.
2.49sI'm taking you to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.
3.22sVery well. But I'll need someone to watch my house.
3.24sWho's that fellow who always screws up and creates havoc?
2.55sHomer Simpson, sir?
4.72sYes! The way I figure it, he's due for a good performance.
2.94sNow, if the house catches fire,
4.02sI want you to call this number. Uh-huh. The fire department.
3.1sYes. They're new, but they're good. Sir, we should get going.
5sDon't worry about a thing! We'll take good care of your house!
2.82sLook at me! i'm a billionaire!