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2.17sThey're the greatest heroes of all.
4.1sHey! Something's clawing at my leg! Okay, it stopped.
1.77sIt looks great.
4.19sI can't believe we scrubbed that old-man smell out of a hundred and thirty-seven rooms.
3.4sSmithers, old chum, there's nothing like coming home with A clean Bill of health.
3.07s- Oh, and sorry about your news. - Thank you, sir.
2.35sDo they know how many eggs it laid in your brain?
2.9sI prefer not to know. Frankly, one is too many.
2.94sEchh! The foul stench of youth!
2sWell, let's see.
3.22sMing vase on narrow column not knocked down.
4.09sPriceless coins not used in vending machine. Yes, not bad!
2.92sUh! Mr. burns! Pirates got your yacht!
4.57sWhat? Well, I suppose some mishaps are unavoidable.
2.87sFurious George!
3.24sWhat have they done to your beautiful face?