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7.61sAh, Simpson, there's someone I want you to meet-- Aristotle Amadopolis owner of Shelbyville's nuclear power facility.
1.25sHuh? What?
2.67sAri's been having terrible worker problems.
1.73sThey've lost their zest for work.
2.47sHelp them find their eanae-eharatou-nah-duleve.
1.92sTheir eanae-haratou-doola what?
6.29sWe want you to give them a pep talk that turns them from donut-eating goof-offs into Homer Simpsons.
1.8sI can't tell them anything.
2.45sCut the false modesty! It's tiresome.
3.82sBesides, employee of the month isn't all ham and plaques.
1.18sWell, Smithers.
2.47sHow kind of you to pay us a visit.
1.12sCouldn't help it, sir.
1.52sParking here is terrible.
2.62sThis man has no love for his power plant.
1.54sBegone from my sight.
1.67sThat one's always been a problem.
1.28sOne, two, three.
2.65s"Community Chest."