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1.2sSimpson! What?
1.47sYou see which button?
2sYeah, yeah, push the button. Got it.
3.19sThis is all your fault!
1.52sGot to pick a button.
2.27sOne potato, two potato-- No, wait.
2.1sBubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish.
1.77sHow many pieces do you wish?
1.1sNo! No!
1.95s30 seconds to core meltdown.
3.82sI guess there's nothing left but to kiss my sorry ass good-bye.
1.62sMay I, sir?
2.57sThese unfortunate people will be instantly killed.
5.94sThis circle, which I am sad say we are in will experience a slower, considerably more painful death.
1.75sGood Lord!
3.8sThey called me old-fashioned for teaching "duck and cover"
1.35sbut who's laughing now?
2.24s15 seconds to core meltdown.
1.57sEeny, meeny, miney, moe.
1.94sCatch a tiger by the toe.