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1.53sOh, hello, Kent.
5.76sRight now, skilled technicians are calmly correcting a minor, piffling malfunction...
6.22s...but I can assure you and the public that there's absolutely no danger whatsoever.
2.3sThings couldn't be more shipshape.
1.72sWhere's my radiation suit?
2.45sHow the hell should I know?
2.74sPeople are calling this a meltdown.
2.64sThat's one of those annoying buzz words.
3.47sWe prefer to call it an "unrequested fission surplus."
2.65sHomie, please, be all right.
1.07sGot to think!
3.84sSomewhere there's a thingy that tells you how to work this stuff.
1.22sThe, um... manual!
1.37sThe manual, right.