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2.22sCrisis has been averted.
1.63sEverything is super.
4.6sThank you, Homer, for saving my plant with that idiotic rhyming!
2.8sDo you even know what button you pushed?!
1.8sSure-- moe.
1.88sEeny, meeny, miney, moe.
1.6sIs Homer a hero?
1.7sThe answer is no.
3.52sI'm Kent Brockman and that was "My Two Cents."
2.29sNow, Scott Christian with "Laugh and a Half."
1sThanks, Kent.
6.74sThere was more dumb luck today when Police Chief Wiggum foiled a bank holdup without even trying.
4.8sIt seems the chief had gone to the bank to cash in his penny jar.