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2.82sI'll think about it.
6.89sSo the next time somebody tells you carny folk are good, honest people you can spit in faces for me.
3.9sIf you'll excuse me I'm profiling my dad for the school paper.
4.74sI thought I'd follow him around for a day to see what makes him tick.
0.98sAw, that's sweet.
2.25sI followed my dad to a lot of bars too.
2.02sOne beer, one chocolate milk.
2.4sExcuse me, I have the chocolate milk.
1.53sWhat's the matter, Homer?
3.45sAlcohol's depressing effects don't kick in till closing.
1.35sHe's a little nervous.
3.4sHe has to give a speech on keeping cool in a crisis.
1.43sWhat will I do?! What will I do?!
1.27sI gave a speech once.
2.73sI was pretty nervous, so I used a little trick.
2.99sI pictured everyone in their underwear--
3.45sthe judge, the jury, my lawyer-- everybody.