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1.77sHey, you can't park here!
1.83sExcuse me?
2.59sNARRATOR: Having been officially challenged by her natural enemy,
3.89sthe black female prepares for combat by taking off her many rings.
6.87s(INAUDIBLE) Meanwhile, the Italian male looks around to make sure the other Italian males are indeed seeing what he is seeing.
1.7sSensing the impending battle,
2.37sa flock of Jews flies quickly away,
3.97sas avoiding confrontation is the Jews' best chance for survival.
3.6sMan, you know, the hurricane's outside, but I'll...
1.33sI'll tell you what,
1.73sthe real storm's in here.
1.3sThe emotional storm.
1.73sYeah, I know, I know what you meant. Let's...
1.13sCome here, come here.
2.77sStewie'll take care of you, you big drug-aroni.
4.6sLook, the bottom line here, Meg, is that you're just taking your own problems out on everyone else.
1.6sOh. My problems?
3.1sOh, I see. Is this coming from my role model mother?
2.47sThe shoplifter, the drug addict, the porn star,