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1.5sAll right, Meg, that's enough.
1.87sYou've had your little dramatic outburst.
4.02s(BRIAN SLURPING) (LAUGHING) Hey, I got an idea, Mom.
2.07sHow about we talk about Chris' mother? Huh?
1.7sWhy don't we talk about you?
1.23sOh, for God's sake.
2.39sLook, let's not turn this into some big thing, okay?
2.13sOh, God, that feels so much better.
2.2sYou know, Brian, you may be a dog,
1.74sbut you're a pretty cool cat.
2.55s(CHORUS SINGING) Take it home with ya!
3.39sHey... Hey, everyone.
3.64sI'm sensing a lot of negativity here. What's going on?
2.24sYes. You're right, Brian. There is.
2.14sMeg seems to think she's taking some kind of stand here,
2.27sthat's gonna make us all feel like we're inadequate.
2.17sMy God, you're condescending.
3.8sI'm making a legitimate point about how poorly this family treats me.