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2.64sDamn it, Meg! Will you stop that? That is so annoying!
1.52s(SCOFFS) Oh! That was annoying?
1.92sWhat about your stupid, obnoxious humming?
2sMeg, don't talk to your father like that!
1.47sYeah, shut up, Meg.
1.8sNo! You shut up, Chris!
2.62sI am sick of all you guys ganging up on me!
2.22sYou guys all think you're so much better than me!
4.79sOh, Meg. That is the least fancy thing I have ever heard.
6.17s(SHIVERING) Shh! There, there, there. Everything's gonna be fine. You're all right.
1.9sI think I'm... I think I'm dying.
1.53sJane Fonda.
2.6s(STUTTERS) Is that? Is that right?