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4.07sLesbians and deaf women wear the same clothes.
1.75sYeah, yeah, they sure do, buddy.
2.43sAll right, just stay calm, Brian. You'll get through this.
2.47sI mean, you got through seeing Lady Gaga naked.
4.12s(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Okay, five minutes, Miss Ga...gina big!
2.5sAnd I will be right back with your Evian.
1.33sDon't worry, Brian.
2.37sI'm gonna stay by your side all night. All right?
1.33sShh. Shh.
1.07sIt's okay.
3.22sIt's okay. Do you like my soothing voice?
3.29s(DISTORTED) Do you like my soothing voice?
3.37s(STUTTERS) Return the map.
3.49s(STUTTERS) Return what you have stolen from me.