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3.19sAnd Dad, I'm so sorry that I made you feel this way.
1.33sYou don't deserve it.
2sNone of you have done anything wrong.
4sI took all my problems out on you guys, and that wasn't fair.
3.54sOh! So this was all about you, it wasn't about us.
1.95sYeah. All right, that makes sense.
2.24sSee, I thought it was weird that I was a bad dad.
2.34sMeg, how could you put us all through that?
1.43sI'm sorry, you guys.
2.13sYou're a fucking bitch!
2.27sYes. Yes, I am.
1.67sHi, I'm Stewie Griffin.
3.7sTonight's Family Guy was a very special episode about drug use.
1.27sBut the simple fact is,
1.7sit's no laughing matter.
1.33sTo learn more about drugs,
1.74svisit your local library.
2.97sThere's probably a guy behind there who sells drugs.
1sGood night.