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2.85sYou know, I think you might be the strongest person in this house.
1.3sYou mean that, Brian?
1.83sMom. Dad.
1.52sDad? Go away!
1.74sDad, come out of there.
3.49sNo! I don't deserve no better than living with the shoes!
1.65sPeter, there you are.
2.22sYou guys, I have something to say.
1.07sYou're right.
2.32sIt's all my fault. What?
2.03sMom, you're an amazing mother,
2.24sand all the things I said about you were out of anger,
2.13sand I didn't mean any of them.
2.57sChris, you're an outstanding brother.
4.22sWhat I said about you was more about me being a rotten sister.
3.19sAnd Dad, I'm so sorry that I made you feel this way.
1.33sYou don't deserve it.
2sNone of you have done anything wrong.
4sI took all my problems out on you guys, and that wasn't fair.
3.54sOh! So this was all about you, it wasn't about us.