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2.33sNow, about your punishment, young man.
3.04sI know. I'll go to my room and think about what I did.
2.67sOh, no, your room is full of toys.
3.57sYou're going to the, uh, garage. You're the boss.
3.87sI tell you, Chief. I just don't know what we're going to do with him.
3.44sYou know, you do have options.
2.77sFor example, there are behavior-modifying drugs.
2.77sHow wedded are you to the Bart you know?
3.64sNot very. No! No drugs.
2.3sBart just needs a little discipline.
3.2sUh, hey, what about military school? It set my brother straight.
2.4sNow he owns and operates a famous cave.
3.2sHmm, you know, maybe Chief Wiggum is right.
3sMilitary school is a good idea.