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1.92sKaboom !
3.64sBut bringing up a son, even a blind one,
2.87sisn't a lifetime occupation.
0.45sNow the more you help him, the more you hurt him.
2.27sWoe unto Shelbyville should they underestimate...
3.87sour strength in dramatic interpretation. Thank you, Artie.
2.74sMy name's Homer Simpson. I'd like to sign up for something.
0.42sWell, we have an opening on the debate team.
2.58sDebate, like arguing ?
2.37sI'll take that, you stinkpot !
2.27sjust warming up, Mrs. Bloominstein.
6.09sThis year's topic is "Resolved: The national speed limit should be lowered to 55 miles per hour."
1.92sFifty-five ? That's ridiculous !
2.6sSure, it'll save a few lives,
2.32sbut millions will be late !
1.65sWhy don't you take "con" ?
2.54sNo way.
2.45sOur current speed limit is an anachronism.