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0.4sYou really oughta read this.
3.94sOoh, the shop kids are smoking again.
2.8sOh, no. I'm late for wood shop.
2.37sBut we're early for lunch. Let's go grab a burger.
4.04sBoy, you never stop eatin', and you don't gain a pound. It's my "metabomalism."
2.07sI guess I'm just one of the lucky ones.
3.34sWell, well, well. If it isn't Homer Simpson and Barney Gumbel,
2.57sSpringfield's answer to Cheech and Chong.
3.1sAllow me, gentlemen. You just bought yourselves three days of detention.
3.5sYou know where and when. 3:00, old building, room 106.
2.67sAnd in another article, I found out...
3.6sthat to hire professionals to do all the jobs of a housewife,
3swho, incidentally, is not married to a house,
3.47swould cost $48,000 a year.
2.15sRight on, sister !
1.9sThe first step to liberation...
2.67sis to free ourselves from these male-imposed shackles !