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2.35sOh, isn't she great ?
1.78sHail Queen Marge ! Whoo !
2.95sWhoo ! Long live the queen !
1.93sFellow classmates,
3.6sinstead of voting for some athletic hero or a pretty boy,
4.2syou have elected me, your intellectual superior, as your king.
2.47sGood for you. Very well said.
3.82sNow your king and queen will share their first royal dance.
2.3sAww !
2.82sWhy do birds suddenly appear
4.6sEvery time you're near I gotta get out of here.
2.47s- Homer ? - What ?
1.93sWhy are you doing this ?
3.67sWhy can't you accept that I'm here with someone else ?
3.27sBecause I'm sure we were meant to be together.
3.7sUsually when I have a thought, there's a lot of other thoughts in there.