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2.1sGood, 'cause I got a hot date tonight.
1.03sA date.
1.23sDinner with friends.
0.9sDinner alone.
1.8sWatching TV alone.
2.54sAll right! I'm gonna sit at home and ogle the ladies...
3.37sin the Victoria Secret Catalog.
1.37sSears Catalog.
2.27sNow would you unhook this already, please?
2.57sI don't deserve this kind of shabby treatment.
3.57sGrampa, I found your cigar box dug up in the backyard, but the gun wasn't there.
3.94sHave you seen it? You accuse me of everything around here.
2.6s"Who put slippers in the dishwasher?"
2.47s"Who threw a cane at the TV?"
2.64s"Who fell into the china hutch?"
1.93sI was just asking if you'd seen it.
2.3sThere's no need to be a prickly pear.
2.13sOh, you're the bee's knees, baby.
1.9sI missed you bad.
1.87sWere you talking to me, Grampa?
3.07sUm, yes.
5.37sWe're still not close. Boy, this is gonna be an all-night brain-buster.
1.97sWell, better drink some coffee.