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3.64sI was referring to Waylon Smithers.
2.74sMr. Burns was shot Friday at 3:00 p.m.,
3.14sthe very time that Smithers was at home watching Pardon My Zinger.
2.6sSo, you see, he couldn't have done it.
3.1sYes, you're right. I remember now.
1.8sI-- I watched that entire show.
4.24sIn fact, I left the town meeting early so I could get home in time.
4.8sOh, I gotta run, or I'll miss the opening rank-out.
2.74sYou better get out of my way, please.
3.87sSlow down. The sidewalk's for regular walkin', not for fancy walkin'.
2.37sGet outta my way. I'm in a hurry.
2.6sYou simmer down, I'll let you go.
2.77sSo, instead of wounding an evil old man,
2.2sI may have killed an innocent old man.
2.1sThat's much worse.
2.84sAbout 50,000 volts worse, if you know what I mean.