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3.64sThe man became consumed by greed. He'd steal from anyone.
2.7sThis isn't a rival company you're battling with. It's a school.
1.9sPeople won't stand for it.
2.7sIt will be like taking candy from a baby.
1.73sSay, that sounds like a "larf."
2.8sAnd when he tried to steal our sunlight,
4.5she crossed that line between everyday villainy and cartoonish super-villainy.
2.7sBah! He was a rank amateur...
3.6scompared to Dr. Colossus.
4.14sOw! Oh! When is my lawyer coming?
2.44sUh, Dave Shutton, Springfield Daily Shopper.
2.22sWho are you? Where you going?
2.5sOh, do your research, Shutton. Uh, Kent Brockman, Channel Six News.
4.04sHow does it feel to be accused of the attempted murder of your boss and mentor?
2.67sKent, I-- I feel about as low as Madonna...
2.07swhen she found out she missed Tailhook.
2.27sI'm gonna say ouch for Madonna.