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3.44sBOTH: A friendship is the best thing ever
3.39sMILEY: Except for best friendship which is a little better
1.72sSTEWIE: You mean a lot better
2.47sI mean a lot better
1.28sBOTH: With you
1.23sHey, where you guys been?
2.25sWe went to the father-son barbecue.
2.52sYou drove all the way up to Fatherson for a barbecue?
2.89sNo, Dad. It was a barbecue for fathers and sons.
3sWait a minute. You went with the monkey to a father-son thing?
2.47sWell, it's not like you ever take me anywhere.
1.43sWhat? Oh, listen, Peter. I didn't...
1.83sMeg, please! It's true.
1.73sYou never want to do anything with me!
2.77sBut the monkey's been taking me to all the fun places I like!
2.54sAnd he's been helping me with all my homework!
2.7sHe helped me get an A in algebra!
2.23sHow did the monkey know you needed help with algebra?
2.92s(CRYING) Because he asked!
2.35sThat's right, Dad. You never ask.
2.3sAnd even if you did, you never listen!
3.67sAnd now you're getting mad at the monkey because he actually cares?