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1.8sThat's wonderful, honey.
0.92sCongratulations, Chris.
1.2sWhat did you write about?
3.47s"The Slave Trade Allegory of Curious George."
1.93sWait a minute. I didn't write this.
1.13sOh, really?
2.2sDid... Did you write this?
2.07sWell, I can't take all the credit.
2.03sI've been listening to you talk in your sleep for years.
2.34sSo, I just put your thoughts on paper. That's all.
2.23sThat's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me.
1.89sThanks, evil...
1.82sThanks, Monkey.
2.94sI'd get up to hug you, but sitting down's the only thing keeping the shit in.
1.23sNah, that's okay.
2.8sI can't believe I'm sitting here with you, Miley Cyrus.
1.38sIt's like I'm in a dream.
2.1sWell, that makes me happy, Stewie.
1.03sWhat are you doing?
1.54sOh, I'm just writing some new lyrics.
1.9s- You write your own lyrics? - Yeah.
2.3sSo do I.
2.47sOh, you wrote a song? Look at you.
2.1sYou're a regular little Tim McGraw.
3.22s(LAUGHING) I'm a little better than Tim McGraw.