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3.52s(SIGHING) That feels so good. You are an artist.
1.57sThank you.
3.64sLois doesn't like my toenails 'cause they stab her in the night.
2.77sHear that, Lois? Somebody likes my toenails.
1.1sGood for you, Peter.
3.54sGood for this family. Good for all of us.
3.17sMom! Dad! I got an A on my book report!
1.8sThat's wonderful, honey.
0.92sCongratulations, Chris.
1.2sWhat did you write about?
3.47s"The Slave Trade Allegory of Curious George."
1.93sWait a minute. I didn't write this.
1.13sOh, really?
2.2sDid... Did you write this?
2.07sWell, I can't take all the credit.
2.03sI've been listening to you talk in your sleep for years.
2.34sSo, I just put your thoughts on paper. That's all.
2.23sThat's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me.
1.89sThanks, evil...
1.82sThanks, Monkey.
2.94sI'd get up to hug you, but sitting down's the only thing keeping the shit in.
1.23sNah, that's okay.