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1.27s- Say it back to me. - What?
1.63s- Say, "sweet niblets"! - Sweet niblets.
2.13sThat wasn't so hard, was it?
4.12sI mean, Sarah Silverman is just one of the most wonderful people you'll ever meet.
2.84sThat's so good to hear. I want to like her.
2.27sShe's so funny. I want her to also be nice.
1.57sCould you tell us some stories about her?
1.57sOf course I can.
2.97sRight after I show you how to make homemade root-beer popsicles.
2.3sYou, sir, are good company.
6.27sWell, I'm glad you guys are having such a great time with that evil thing that tortured me for years!
2.7sDad, I thought you were gonna help me with my book report.
2.08sChris, there is a monkey here.
2.54sAnd I just fed him a whole bag of Subway sandwiches.
4.4sIn a couple hours, we are gonna sit around and throw his soft-bread stool at each other.
2.97sNow, you are welcome to be a part of that, or not.
2.07sI'm just telling you what's gonna happen.
2.47sWell, thanks for nothing, Dad!
2.89sDon't mind him, Monkey. He's just a big disappointment.